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Ianiz Patchedjiev

With Bernie Sanders on a winning streak of primaries, Hillary Clinton is giving it her all to win the New York Primary on April 19.

Bernie Sanders is experiencing unprecedented momentum, winning seven out of eight primary elections and caucuses held since March 22. The Senator now has his eye on New York, which holds a hefty 247 delegates and also happens to be the state he grew up in. The Vermont Senator hopes that wins in New York and California will give him enough delegates to win the nomination or at least force the Democratic Party to hold a contested convention over the summer. However, Sanders has been under fire for two mishaps this past week. For one, he faltered during an interview with the New York Daily News Editorial Board, often sounding like he did not have serious policy details or had not thought out the consequences of his plans. However, the Senator did clarify some of his comments during his interview, restoring confidence among his supporters. Later in the week, Sanders went straight after Hillary Clinton by calling her unqualified for the office of the Presidency and claiming that his remark was a response to her comment which implied that Sanders was not qualified to be President. Notably, Sanders quickly reversed his comment shortly after. A win for Sanders in New York would certainly hurt Clinton’s frontrunner status in the race; as many know, Clinton was a Senator for New York for several years.

The Republican side of the race has been oddly quiet lately, with the party hosting only one primary since March 22. Cruz handily won this primary, which was hosted in Wisconsin on April 5. With Cruz slowly catching up to Trump in terms of delegates, the billionaire mogul seems to be in need of a moral boost. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, gave that support by endorsing Trump last week.

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