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20 Minutes with Alicia Feghhi

When asked about her free time, she exclaims, “What free time?” Ms. Alicia Feghhi has been working as Assistant Director of Leadership and Professional Development for the Albert Dorman Honors College (ADHC) since 2015. She was born and raised in Clifton, NJ and continues to live there. As a child, Ms. Feghhi wanted to be a veterinarian until she had the dramatic realization about the actual roles and duties of a doctor of veterinary medicine.

During college she found herself interested in public relations and worked toward a career in that field. She attended Montclair State University for her undergraduate studies and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a specialization in public relations in addition to a minor in journalism. Currently, she is attending Seton Hall University in order to obtain Certification in Sport and Exercise Psychology. In spring 2017, Ms. Feghhi will be in pursuit of a doctorate in Urban Systems with a concentration in Urban Health via NJIT and Rutgers School of Nursing. During her undergraduate studies Feghhi was also involved in multiple sports’ teams such as the MSU tennis team as well as the ski and snow board club.

Prior to joining NJIT, Ms. Feghhi worked at Rutgers University-Newark in the areas of career development, pre-health advising, and project coordination. Her passion for work in these fields stemmed from her involvement in founding the annual Ponytail Drive for breast cancer awareness. Feghhi and her peers were able to obtain thirty donors that donated greater than three hundred inches of hair. The event was recognized by the public eye and major newspapers, such as the Star Ledger. She would like to start up a similar initiative at NJIT and asks for anyone interested to reach out to her!

Ms. Feghhi complements her role as Assistant Director of Leadership and Professional Development for the Albert Dorman Honors College by being the advisor to clubs such as Do Something and teaching an honors freshmen seminar class. She advises students to get involved on campus because their time here will be over before they know it. She is proud of the students at NJIT because they take the initiative to express their ideas and put themselves out there. She is the happiest when she sees her students being proactive and taking steps to make the changes they want a reality.

Outside of NJIT and her life as a student, Ms. Feghhi enjoys mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), which is an up-and-coming treatment for stress and other ailments. She will be starting an MBSR program for students in AHDC this October. She was inspired to pursue MBSR when she read Mindful Work by David Gelles, calling herself a “mindful geek.” Her other interests include scuba diving, running, and traveling. When asked about the future, Ms. Feghhi says she would like to see herself as happy and as a pioneer in the mindfulness movement. She also hopes to see herself “owning a beach house in Costa Rica, maybe retiring there.”

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