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The Alumni Association of NJIT acts as an umbrella for all of NJIT’s alumni organizations and programs. Alumni are elected to serve on the Alumni Council to share their ideas and best practices. Through the Alumni Association, NJIT wants to build a close-knit community for current and past students. Networking has been proven to be the gateway to success and it is crucial for students to know where they have strong connections.

Paulus, Sokolowski & Sartor (PS&S), LLC was founded in 1962 as a “one-stop-shop” of architecture and engineering. PS&S exemplifies everything NJIT aims to teach to its students, and with alumni making up approximately 50 positions of employment there is a reason why the company is interested in the students. “Our company has a multitude of staff and it seemed the most logical to reach out,” Andrew Hoffman, a close associate partner to PS&S.

John Sartor, President and CEO, has visited NJIT within the last year speaking to students about key skills that they should and can acquire to be competitive in the current job market. Rita Exposito (’14) had this to say about her experience at the company “I get to work at what I did in school, but also learning about new things from different fields.”

Executive Vice President, Joseph Fleming (’76), leads the company’s land-based consulting engineering services and is still invested in the school as an established Alumni. As someone who enjoys all aspects of consulting engineering, Fleming advices students to “stretch your technical prowess as you won’t be sitting down at one focus.”

What NJIT and PS&S have in common is diversity. Diversity in students and employees working together to achieve their goals. Both employees, Sanjay Patel (’86) and Mark Lennon (’98), added that the company relies heavily on collaborating with their coworkers. Patel mentions that being able to work with varying disciplines offers multiple aspects that he would not have learned within his field of Civil Engineering.

Considering the abundance of alumni present at the company, NJIT students are given the opportunity to work at the company as a CO-OP or internship program. To learn more about the company and its vision, visit

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