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Within NJIT’s technology university, the Martin Tuchman School of Management is a small, hidden gem often concealed by the more common majors of this university. Because we are a technologically-driven school focused on engineering, computer science, and medicine, there is no organization dedicated to the School of Management (SoM), and the lack of student involvement is what is holding the management school back from being a stronger presence on campus.
Awais Qazi, an involved senior in the School of Management, wanted to make a significant impact on campus and realized that in order to get the most out of his education, he needed to add value to NJIT’s business degree. Thus, he founded an NJIT chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi), the oldest and largest professional business fraternity. Founded at New York University, it is a unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates and professionals with common interests and goals who join this fraternity to take advantage of valuable educational and networking opportunities.

In order for AKPsi to gain momentum on campus, students need to become involved. The SoM has been trying to make the school a better place for its students, and it has been doing so without the input of the students for years. Qazi believes that the best way for students to get involved is by joining this fraternity, which is a tremendous step in making the business degree more valuable.

Qazi’s vision for this fraternity is to have a union of ambitious students working hard to get the SoM, and NJIT as a whole, into the national spotlight. He wants our business programs to be competitive with those of bigger schools such as Rutgers, Stern, and Wharton–which is completely feasible, yet only possible if the students are actively involved. Instead of being a small management school within a tech school, Qazi hopes for the School of Management and NJIT to be complimentary, appealing to the Management School’s slogan “Business with the Power of STEM.” This interdisciplinary business-technology environment of the SoM is what makes it truly unique, and he believes the students should focus on that distinctive element to stand out, both at this school and at the national level.

Qazi hopes that by the time he graduates, which is in less than a year, NJIT’s chapter of AKPsi will become recognized and well-known, and its members will be seen as a distinguished group of strong leaders on campus.

This fraternity is open to everyone, not just business majors. In fact, it encourages all majors and minors to rush in the spring and be part of this elite and selective group. AKPsi will prepare students not only to be competitive in today’s business world but also to excel and be leaders in the future. As a professional fraternity, it will create a valuable, large network for its members while maintaining the social aspects of Greek life.

Over the next few weeks, Qazi is putting together an E-Board that will help set up the pledge process, application requirements, and the rushing system for next semester. He plans to have a team that will work with the alumni center to invite speakers to campus and host workshops and mentorship programs between the advisory board and members of the fraternity. Once elected, the E-Board will be working with the Business Club and the Office of Alumni Relations to organize events such as speed networking, mentorship programs, professional mixers, and classy galas.
Qazi’s spirit of entrepreneurship coupled with his concern for the School of Management is creating a new legacy at this school. By establishing a comfortable community of respectable individuals, he is directing attention towards the School of Management’s focus on the critical intersection of management and technology, leaving an indelible mark on the NJIT community.

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