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Ever take a trip down by the Prudential Center to see a Devils game, a Seton Hall game or any other event? Ever taken a look on the corner there and seen the big sign that says Dinosaur? Ever had the curiosity to go check out this restaurant? Well after 2 years of looking at the sign and never setting foot in the door, I decided to go in for the first time ever. I stepped inside to see a nice restaurant with tasteful decor and filled with many office workers, most likely from the Prudential Building and other nearby office buildings. While seemingly a typical family restaurant there is some special charms to it. There were TV’s throughout the restaurant to watch sporting events like football, baseball, soccer and many more. There was even some seats outside if by chance you wanted to eat in the sun.

After a brief wait they sat me at a table with my fellow food review partner and we proceeded to talk about the atmosphere of the restaurant. The Waitresses were very friendly and nice to us, and they made sure that our orders came out in a timely fashion. After talking about the restaurant we got our food, which was amazing. Never in my life have I ever had such a good cheeseburger. I ordered it well done (like I usually do) and it came out just how I asked for it only more . They added a special sauce to it that gave it a boost of flavor, and it improved the whole experience. My friend ordered ribs and he said they were the best ribs he has ever had.

The food is great and I’d highly recommend giving it a try if you are going out on the town with some friends or on a date. The location is walking distance from the Prudential Center so if you are coming or going to an event there, I would definitely give it a try, as it’s in an ideal location: right around the corner with a giant sign. With quality there must be quantity and the food was indeed a little bit pricey, however I’d say it was money well spent. Overall in terms of food our experience was great. The workers there weren’t rude at all so it’s definitely a good place to go out and try.

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