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Small or large, life-changing or convenient, we at the Vector would like to present information that could have an impact on its students and faculty, whether its information that can be used on campus, or off. Instead of being taken by surprise and unprepared, we have you covered. There is never any harm in learning something new because you will never know when it could be used. At the end of each article our goal is to incur a mental or audible “That’s good to know”.

NJIT Anonymous Tip Line

Marketed by NJIT’s Student Senate, Public Safety now offers an Anonymous Tip Line on their website. Students can disclose information about an incident or concern they may have without admitting to who they are. When detailing an incident or concern, there are three categories to choose from: Safety, Crime Tips, and Quality of Life Concerns.

Public Safety can answer your 911 call starting in 2017

If you are on campus in times of an emergency and call 911, odds are you will speak to a representative from a completely different location. The process of exchanging information to the 911 center and then to the nearest police department or emergency unit can cost time that is crucial to the cause of the call. NJIT’s Public Safety recognized this and in an effort to improve their department, will be able to receive 911 distress calls starting Jan. 1, 2017. All the caller has to do is mention to the 911 center that they are on campus at NJIT and they will be passed to Public Safety where they would receive assistance at a faster rate. To understand more about Public Safety you can call (973-596-3120) or (973-596-3116) for General Information or check out their site at

Stick with New Jersey news after the election

Now with the election having ended, people are likely to not pay as much attention to nationwide (or even local) news without a sensational headline. However, this does not mean it is okay to ignore everything in the news. With the recent trial in New Jersey convicting two former aides to Governor Christie over the Bridgegate debacle, residents should be paying attention to next year’s candidates for Governor. Even on a more local level, residents should keep news stories in mind, as there are still updates about the lead in Newark pipelines, and other sudden decisions, e.g., the 23 cent gas hike and the removal of the estate tax in 2018. Many would agree that the election is important, but so is what happens in everyday news.

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