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Lookbook ft. Sreya Mukherjee

Clothing can be viewed in more than one light. While some see it as static and superficial, others may find it fluid and transcendent. For Sreya Mukherjee, a fourth-year construction management major and business minor, this is exactly the case.

Fashion is more than just wearing a variety of different clothes or emulating eclectic styles. Sreya is conscious of the versatility of clothing; she sees its purpose in being “comfortable, yet trendy and professional.” Her outfits may serve more than one objective, and they can be quite dynamic. For example, she likes to “spice up” her outfits with accessories. Sreya believes “a cute necklace definitely builds character.” Her taste in jewelry is certainly sophisticated – from her gold Michael Kors watch to her unique geometric rings. It is clear that one’s personal fashion is not limited to how many outfits he or she has, but is defined by the flexibility he or she has with a particular outfit – whether it is swapping a pair of earrings or putting on a coat of bright lipstick. Small alterations to a simple outfit can really transform it.

Sreya also highlights clothing’s variability in that her clothes “portray [her] mood and how [she is] feeling that particular day.” An article of clothing’s color, pattern, and material are just a few of the characteristics that set it apart. With an outfit composed of at least two or three pieces, there are so many possibilities. If someone was really determined, he or she could use a mathematical combination to find the exact number of outfits he or she could wear given a specific number of shirts, pants, shoes, etc. Again, however, quality is much more important than quantity. Sreya likes to combine or “mesh together a bunch of styles such as street wear and a lot of button down shirts with boots.” She also wears boots with sweaters and beanies often. Boots are something that she likes to wear with various outfits. Sreya shows that fashion is truly a form of art (not math), and the wearer is the artist, who combines various elements to create something unique and even inspiring.

For Sreya, the objectives of her personal fashion are manifold. Certainly, it is a creative outlet, but it is also her “personal statement that [she gives] out to the world.” Fashion is very interactive – it is something to be shared and evolved. Sreya particularly draws inspiration from several Instagram blogs. With the undeniable growing presence of social media, it is easy for anyone to find new ideas for their clothes.

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