Making Strides of Newark – Taking Steps Against Breast Cancer

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Making Strides of Newark – Taking Steps Against Breast Cancer

The 19th annual Making Strides of Newark Walk Against Breast Cancer was held on Sunday, October 16th with beautiful weather to accompany the participants of this wonderful cause. The timing was incredibly appropriate since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Crowds of women donned pink balloons and breast cancer ribbons, marching down the streets at 9:30 in the morning with smiles on their faces, eager to kick off the charity walk against a wide-reaching disease.

In 2015, more than 230,000 women were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and more than 40,000 lives were taken. Many organizations, as well as individual groups, were present on Sunday to show their support for the cause. Through their registration fees as well as donations, the Making Strides of Newark support group has raised over $200,000 thus far, all of which will go to the American Cancer Society.

Various levels of commitment to this organization was apparent, from young children wanting to wear pink, to women who have personally been affected by breast cancer. Noemi Talledio a participant of the Making Strides walk, was personally affected: her aunt died of breast cancer at the age of 36. Accompanied by her daughter and her granddaughter, Talledio explains how she enjoys participating in the walks. “I’ve been doing the walk for 15 years. I started in New York, where I used to work and when I came here I continued attending,” she says. Talledio also attended and spoke at the Newark Kickoff Breakfast held at the Robert Treat Hotel on August 17 this year.  When asked what made her want to get so involved in this organization, Talledio says, “I love the community of women sticking together for the same cause.”

Vera Almedia also came out on Sunday to represent the Viva Vida Cancer support group located in Newark. They are a group of Latina, Brazilian, and Spanish women who formed a support group against not just breast cancer, but also all forms of the terminal disease. They meet every last Saturday of the month, and they have raised and donated over $1000 to support the cause. As an active member of the group, Almedia was seen bright and early that Sunday morning, rallying the women in her organization towards the starting line. She was explained how she too was a fan of the incredible network of support and love from survivors and their friends and families. The Making Strides of Newark walk continues to garner support and increase their donations year by year thanks to the enthusiasm and donations of the citizens of Newark.

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