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Hard work, determination, and teamwork are three words familiar to every NJIT student and they are no stranger to the NJIT OverWatch team here on campus. For those of you unfamiliar with OverWatch it is a team based multiplayer single shooter game that was just released this past May and our own student team participated in a tournament against Rutgers Division 1 and Won!

The tournament began at Lijang Tower and NJIT beat Rutgers division 1 with a score of 3 to 0. Feeling great and empowered by the level of teamwork the NJIT team went strong into the second part of the tournament at Illinois where they defeated Rutgers 3 to 2.  The game finally ended with NJIT having 2 points and Rutgers having 0. Along with this victory, NJIT become the first annual Fireside Champions! The man of the hour who led his team to victory was Nick Abadiotakis.

Nick  Abadiotakis is the leader of the OverWatch team that participated in the tournament, he is currently at level 400 an impressive feat for a game that came out less than a year ago. He describes the game as “a great game all about teamwork and communications…has an amazing cast of diverse heroes that everyone can find some that they can relate to.”

He goes saying that he believes the team has so much more potential and will continue to grow. Although he is exceedingly grateful for his current teammates and the bond they share, he is hoping to recruit more and more people to join in on the fun.

Abadiotakis says that a lot of their individual experience came from them playing by themselves and learning different hero combinations but the one thing that brought them all together was their ability to work as a team and communicate. Nick said that there were some bumps in the road but overall the experience was worth it and that he felt like he knew his teammates even though he had only just met them online.

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