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I recently took a journey into the unknown territory of Halsey Street and Downtown Newark. On an obscure portion of this street we ran into Pages Restaurant. It’s a buffet within walking distance of NJIT/Rutgers, and has various cuisine. The restaurant is small but as soon as you walk in, you see all the food they have to offer, styled in a buffet. You can even order something there if they don’t have something you want on display.

From French fries and chicken nuggets to BBQ chicken and fish, there was great assortment of food; they even had lasagna. For the more health-concerned, there is a salad bar that offers fruit as well. The price of the food is dependent on the weight; the more food you get and the heavier it is, the more it costs. The workers speak both English and Spanish and are pretty nice. There are lots of places to sit down, and the dining area has an almost 1930’s feel to it with the way it was set up.

I continued on to the dining area and sat down to eat. The food was good but I made the unfortunate mistake of taking way more food than I could eat. When I came to this realization, it was far too late, as I was full and had eaten only about half of what I had taken for myself. The lucky part, however, is that the containers you use to get your food have lids, so you can take your food to go as well. After I conceded defeat, I took my food and went on my way. The food was good and I’d recommend this place if you want to get out of mundane routines and go out somewhere else to eat. The quality of the food is good too. This place is also ideal if you are on a budget, as even with my outrageous amount of food I only spent $8. In short, give it a try! As it is a buffet style, the experience is really what you make of it.

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