The Halal Guys on Halsey Street

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The Halal Guys on Halsey Street

From humble beginnings as a regular food cart in New York City, The Halal Guys are extending their reach to Halsey Street here in Newark. The expected date of the grand opening is January 14, one week before the semester starts at NJIT.

Starting out as a typical food cart in the ’90s, three business partners saw the demand of Halal food from Muslim taxi drivers. Wanting to meet these demands, the three partners came together and started serving their now famous meal of chicken and gyro meat over rice, served with their equally famous white and red sauce.

Joseph Hafez, the manager of Halal Guys in NJ, says that Halsey was the perfect place to open up their doors to the citizens of Newark. “We’ve had our eyes on Newark for some time now.”

Hafez understands that college students are busy, usually looking for work, and the best bang for their buck. Because of this, the restaurant is looking to hire students as soon as possible. When hired, employees will be briefed on industry standards in terms of sanitation and what is expected of them in terms of customer service, food preparation, and further responsibilities.

The Halal Guys take pride in their fresh and never frozen food, and in case you were wondering what kind of food they will be serving, Joseph stated that the menu will be consistent with the rest of the restaurants.

There have already been exclusive deals decided for the local up and coming restaurant location that include student, faculty, and law enforcement discounts. For students and faculty members within the area, all they need to do is show their school ID to receive a 10% discount and for police officers any proof that verifies their affiliation with an accredited department is enough.

After years of increased success, The Halal Guys have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on what consumers expect from a well-established food chain: good prices, great food, and even better service. Hafez’s final words left the impression that the new Halal Guys chain would very much like to become a part of the Newark community as well as the regular life of a University Heights college students; the new restaurant looks forward to doing so in January once students return from winter break.

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