What’s in Store for us This Winter

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What’s in Store for us This Winter

What is a winter without snow – especially in the Northeast? On Christmas day, we’re used to having a “white Christmas,” and it just doesn’t seem right when the weather doesn’t adhere to Well don’t fret, because like the precedent that the last couple of winters have set, we’re going to be seeing copious amounts of snow, according to meteorological weather predictions.

Of course when there is a heavy chance of snow, we students keep our fingers crossed and our emails checked concerning school closings. The Northeast is expected to face severe blizzards over the course of the late winter and early spring semesters. As I said, don’t fret – we may be getting that lucky snow day when we can catch up on work or put a good film on. Also, large amounts of snow mean that winter sports will thrive.  Catch your lift ticket deals early, because this season is going to be jam-packed with opportunities to go up to the Poconos and bring out the skis and snowboards.

From another perspective, blizzards actually aren’t all that. Classes and productivity come to an abrupt halt. Road safety is compromised during periods of heavy snow fall. If you didn’t chain up your car this summer, now may be the time to invest in traction control for your vehicle. The inclement weather and the large amounts of snow lead to a whole list of frustrating problems. Life is put on hold until clean-up crews remove all the snow from major highways and restore safety on the open road.

Additionally, in respect to the worse-case scenario, what’s most harrowing is that important crops may be threatened by the impending freeze. This would be detrimental to many farmers whose livelihood and welfare are determined by their ability to disseminate and sell their crop. The threat of crop yield being compromised raises concerns for consumers about the prices of food items. If we’re going to be seeing a hard winter, there are some of us that will be feeling it a lot harder. A blizzard will affect nearly everyone.

Though there are clear benefits and advantages with respect to recreation for this upcoming season, there are detrimental effects that will accompany the predicted imminent weather. Let’s all remain safe, and take the necessary precautions Make the best of it – maybe take a trip up to Hunter Mountain or Shawnee and hit the slopes. For those that specifically do not find the cold weather or winter sports appealing, g winter sports that “old college try.”

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