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Athlete of the Week: Straight Outta Switzerland


Nathalie Habegger is not your regular college student. Habegger, a senior studying Biochemical Engineering, has been NJIT’s honorary Women’s Tennis Captain for the past two years. Habegger, a native from Switzerland, has certainly come a long way. Her hometown Gland was where she first found her love for the sport of tennis.

“I love my home, it’s open and beautiful and yes! I love the chocolates in Switzerland,” said Habegger, when describing her beloved country.

Her brother, who plays tennis himself, introduced her to the sport at the age of eight. Since then, Habegger developed a strong passion for tennis that would carry on till this day. She says that she is grateful that her best friends also played tennis growing up.

“I often played with them and they just made my experience so much better,” Habegger further explained.

After going through high school at Gymnase De Nyon, in which she also spent time studying in Germany, it was time for Habegger to move onto her next career move. This move was deciding which college she wanted to take her talents.  After looking at several colleges in the US, Habegger found that NJIT fit all of her interests and made her commitment to the university. Once here, Habegger admits that it was a bit of a culture shock.

“Everything is so close here,” said Habegger. “I love that New York is so close to school, in Switzerland everything is so spread apart”.

As a result, Habegger loves to go out on trips to the city with her friends and teammates.

“I love going to the city and just exploring everything,” said Habegger. “You can find hidden little cafes and experience something new every time you go”.

In regards to bringing her teammates with her on these trips, she expresses how great the group bonding experience is.

“We love doing things together and going to Tops whenever we feel like eating out, without having to spend money on going to the city”, Habegger explained.

After spending four years here at NJIT and America in general, Habegger mentions that she has certainly grown up as a person.

“I’ve learned how to live on my own and take care of myself, especially since I am out here by myself and away from my family”, Habegger expressed.

She attributes time management as being the reason she has been able to succeed so far into life.

“Balancing everything out, your studies & friends, especially since you’re an athlete and you still have to be able to perform, is important if you want to get anything done”.

Being a student-athlete means having to deal with the stresses of being the best on floor but also having to deal with the off-court pressures from her peers, teachers, family etc. As Habegger looks on to the future, she plans to return back to Switzerland after graduation so she can return to her family. Habegger would like to thank the NJIT community for supporting her all these years and she is proud to have had the opportunity to be a Highlander.

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