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Food Review: Food Truck Extraordinaire

Food trucks, apart from the eateries in the Campus Center, are a huge staple in NJIT students’ diets. There are three food trucks: Sahara (also known as the “blue” food truck by students), Taj Mahal, and A La Carte. Similar in style and food they serve, each food truck has their own special qualities that separate them from one another.

All three food trucks are located on Warren Street; A La Carte is relatively closer to the Campus Center, along Weston Hall; Taj Mahal is across the street from A La Carte by the Otto York Environmental Sciences Building; and Sahara is located alongside Laurel Hall. They all come in around 11:00 am on weekdays and with the exception of A La Carte, they stay until 9:00 pm, just in time for a meal after a 6-9 class.

Sahara is a Halal food truck that serves platters and gyros similar to The Halal Guys, but the platters are more flavorful and better priced, compared to the popular Halal cart. For a medium meat based platter (they offer chicken, lamb, or a combination, with a salad and pita bread), it is $6.00, a large being $7.00. Gyros are $5.00, and they also offer a falafel sandwich or platter for vegetarians. They also have white and red sauce, which are quite amazing and you can ask the worker if you want more or less sauce.  Many students love the food they get from this truck and the service they get from the owner. “I love the blue food truck,” says Elijah Matthew, a Mechanical Engineering sophomore. “I go here with my friends often and the red sauce here is the bomb.” Sahara is available during the school year, except on major holidays and breaks, so try it while it’s here!

Taj Mahal is also a Halal food truck that serves a variety of food, such as platters, sandwiches, gyros, and has a large collection of chips and drinks. Taj Mahal has the typical red and white sauce, and you can definitely find a line during lunch and dinner time. Prices range from $5.00 to $13.00, depending on the food ordered; fat sandwiches and platters are typically around $7.00- $8.00, and gyros are around $5.00-$6.00. When asking for students’ opinions on Taj Mahal, there were mixed reviews. “I decided to give it a try after a while,” said Nicole Andanar, a Biochemistry senior. “I decided to get some falafel and a combo over rice, and I was not disappointed! The people who run the truck are nice & work fast. Only thing is that sometimes the food can be a little too oily but nothing that would prevent me from eating there again.” Some students say that Taj Mahal has the best fat sandwiches and platters, whereas others would disagree and say that the food is not flavorful, but it’s up to the reader to make their own decision. Taj Mahal has a wide selection, and the food truck is on campus year round, except during winter holidays.

A La Carte is the newest food truck in the scene. They came alongside in Spring 2016, and offer a variety of cuisine platters, from Latin to Indian. They also have rice platters and fat sandwiches, but they have more options for vegetarians compared to the aforementioned food trucks. The food truck also offers a variety of drinks and snacks in the front, just like Taj Mahal. The prices range from $6.00- $10.00, depending on the options. The real star of the truck is the fat sandwich. They are so huge—stuffed with fries, mozzarella sticks, and filling, depending on the type— that it is physically impossible to finish off the entire sandwich unless you are starving. A La Carte has multiple positive reviews from students and faculty alike, and is heavily populated during lunch. The food truck does not stay in the area too long though; the truck is usually gone by 4:00 pm on weekdays. 

As of now, there are no student discounts at any of these food trucks, but in the writer’s experience, she has gotten away with a free drink once in a while from Taj Mahal and extra rice and bread from Sahara if she asks nicely. Taj Mahal does have some deals, such as a free drink if you buy certain fat sandwiches. Overall, these food trucks have much to offer to students’ cravings and mealtime needs.

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