Is Self-Learning More Beneficial Than Being in the Classroom?

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Is Self-Learning More Beneficial Than Being in the Classroom?

Is Self-Learning More Beneficial Than Being in the Classroom?

    Learning is the process of attaining new knowledge. It does not really matter the way one learns, as long as he or she is getting the information and knowledge from a reliable source that is known to be exploring the truth about a topic or an issue. Also, people can learn in different ways. Therefore, the most important part of the learning process is that the method used matches the learner’s need.

Recently, many debates have been made that self-learning is more beneficial and important that being in the classroom. The driving force behind this controversy is the recent practice of the integration of e-learning into the classroom.

In other words, professors, instructors, and lecturers now post all their presentations online, which encourages students to skip classes with the excuse that they will teach themselves the material discussed in class.

However, I find that even if the materials needed to study can be found online, being in the classroom is an essential factor in passing the class. While in class, you will get the chance to question some ambiguities that come across your mind while reading a slide or so. Yet, if you are just self-learning, you may ask  Google, but Google  could not be able to answer your question in the same way the grader will need you to answer this same question on a test.

So, being in the classroom is really important mentally and physically.

I would greatly recommend both being in the classroom and self-learning as well. Being in the classroom helps you outline the goal of each lesson and what is really important to know from each section. In addition, it may be a good source to know what to expect on a test.

On the other hand, self-learning is essential in studying and mastering the subject. Self-learning should be the time that you use to master a subject and know your strengths and weaknesses on each topic. This method of learning also allows you to discover the most successful methods of studying, memorizing, and even thinking from person to person.

Finally, for every student reading this; please make good use of the opportunities that are offered to you. Make use of the assigned class time that is designed to help you succeed. Institutions want their students to graduate with knowledge rather than with the ability to pass a test. That is why being in a classroom is very important. But also, do not forget to know the best methods that work for you while self-learning.

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