Amazon Places Newark in its’ Sights for New HQ

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Amazon Places Newark in its’ Sights for New HQ

Amazon, the billion-dollar online shopping site, has been looking for a new place for a headquarters, and Newark is one of the many cities clamoring for the chance to house one of the biggest online companies.

Nowthe online shopping company  of building a new headquarters for the company If Amazon were to build its headquarters here, it is to be believed that the effects on Newark would be overwhelmingly positive.

Newark is a city that has certainly had its ups and downs, and has come a long way from its simple Puritan roots. The story of Newark mirrors that of other big cities, as new commercial ventures brought in more people, and promoted a city focused on production. Ever since the time of Moses Combs and Seth Boyden, some of the earliest tinkerers and starters of manufacturing in Newark, Newark has been a growing community.

New inventions led to the creation of companies and factories, which led to the creation of jobs, requiring a move to the city.  However, throughout time, Newark’s commercial ventures have not always worked. Many of the factories of yesteryear have been torn down, leaving spaces open to revitalize Newark. 

Already housing the headquarters of Audible, an online e-book and audiobook website, Newark has the potential to become a commercial city once again. Insurance, education, and banking are what build up the city today, so the effects of an online company should be considered.  The construction of the headquarters will certainly take a long time, but it will generate many jobs in the process.  Once built, it will potentially have a positive impact on the town.  Any money invested in Amazon will eventually make its way into the city, as seen with Seattle, the first Amazon headquarters. 

Amazon is reported to have asked for greater tax breaks and free land, which would help the company start with low costs.  However, this could come at the cost of higher taxes for the people of Newark, and create a situation similar to what happened in Seattle.  With higher taxes, many families were driven out to the edges of the city, and some even out of the city.  The main appeal behind it all is that if Newark could attract Amazon, then others would follow suit.  But at what cost?  Would the city really tax its people more just for the satisfaction of being home to a large company?

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