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First Impressions

I always hear the phrase “What is your first impression?” but wasn’t able to truly decide what it means exactly, or even its importance.  I always find it a confusing question because you may not always feel connected to something that does not stand out to you.

However, first impressions about potential colleges are very important factors in deciding where to commit. Once I realized a first impression’s importance to me, I decided to analyze the first impression each college gave me.

As any other high school senior, I visited many colleges and universities. But I can say that the only college I felt attached to was NJIT. My first impression gave me a lot of insight as to what my experience at NJIT would be.

I felt that this would be the place where I would feel at home and fulfill all my dreams and goals. I found that it would be the place where I could find people who care about their future and at the same time manage to enjoy life. It would be a place where I would be around many like-minded people.

I was also impressed with the helpful community at NJIT. To be more specific, I did not get this impression only during the open houses, tours, or information sessions. I continued to see how helpful the community was even as I started school.

As any other freshmen, I was full of anxiety during the first day of classes. I was worried that I would feel disconnected or feel like I didn’t belong or that I even made the wrong college choice.

Within the first couple of hours of September 5 (the first day of classes), I was able to find new friends, talk to upperclassmen, and even get to know some professors.

At that point, I was able to decide exactly what my impression of NJIT was. I was able to decide that NJIT is a great university with highly sociable people and caring professors. 

As I completed my first week of classes and I was introduced to many different resources and facilities, I can say that I was impressed; I liked how the college has many resources and is highly involved in research, while still being a small campus.

I am really proud to be a highlander as NJIT is a place that helps build leaders, not only in your field of study but in life in general.

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