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Food Review: Forte’s Pizza

Forte’s Pizza is located right on the first floor of the Campus Center and is always lively, with students and faculty coming in and out to enjoy the finest pizza on campus.

Forte’s Pizza was recently upgraded with new chairs and tables to offer its patrons a more modern and comfortable environment. Some of the tables have charging ports so that people can work while they enjoy their food. The new chairs are not only stable (compared to last year’s wobbly ones), but they are more comfortable too. The restaurant has a couple of stools and tables overlooking the employees where you can watch them make the batches of delicious pizza.

Forte’s offers a large selection of pizzas, ranging from the plain cheese slice to a chicken bacon ranch slice and other enjoyable varieties. In addition to pizza, Forte’s offers sides of garlic knots and the largest calzones you will ever see. The price of your meal depends on how complex your slice is, with plain cheese pizza being the cheapest option and a Sicilian slice being one of the more expensive choices.

The complexity of your order and the time of day will affect how quickly you get your food, but Forte employees typically have your meal ready for you within a few minutes of waiting.

That first bite of warm crispy pizza resolves any resignation you may have had about spending a couple dollars on a slice.  The sauce in particular is a highlight that marks Forte’s great quality. The slices themselves are quite large, especially the Sicilian (again, justifying the cost). If you decide to order garlic knots, ask for the sauce to dip them in – the faint sweetness of the tomatoes is the perfect complement to the salty, doughy goodness.

As a heads up, the pizza can be a little greasy and the cheese, although delicious, can be too stringy. Make sure to have a lot of napkins on hand, and maybe don’t bring a date here if you are still trying to pretend that you are not actually a mess.

Forte’s friendly environment is solidified with its vibrant employees and easy-going conversations. You can hear music playing in the back as they make the pizza and you can sometimes catch a few dance moves. The pizza is always fresh and ready to be enjoyed within a short wait, thanks to their quick order taking. Forte’s offers delicious pizza at relatively low cost, at the most convenient location on campus.

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