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This past Friday, the food discount program, started by the Student Senate, went into effect. Yasmine Elfarra, Vice President of Student Affairs, spearheaded the effort of actualizing this initiative. By reaching out to different restaurants and establishments, this program is a means to connect NJIT with the greater Newark community. Elfarra said, “The goal is that almost every store around NJIT will be able to offer a discount to NJIT students just by presenting them their ID.”

Currently the Senate website has eleven restaurants listed as participating with more being added on as the days continue with a current estimate of sixteen They are looking for and expecting more restaurants to come into the fold.

In November, the Student Affairs Committee began an initial reach out to restaurants before finalizing committed parties in a second round of outreach this spring. Upon the success of this program, the Senate will also be looking into getting establishment retail and service-focused stores to take part. In this, local businesses can be supported by the NJIT community and students can have access to services without having to pay the typical prices.

Amber Braycewski, the general manager of Jimmy John’s, was looking forward to the discount program as well as the prospects of new students going to eat there. With respect to the 15% discount, Amber said, “any little bit helps, I remember what it was like to be a student.”  Jimmy John’s will receive an increased amount of traffic from NJIT students so it’s a win-win for both the business and students alike.

Speaking with some students, there was a mixture in awareness of the food discount program but a strong emphasis on food. Ismail Elmmoussi, a bartender at the pub, has an hour and a half commute and rarely utilizes anything in Newark save for its food. “As a commuter I don’t use these services a lot, mostly restaurants and drinks.” Some of the suggestions for places which should be added included Wendy’s, E-Z mart, ShopRite, McGovern’s, and Barcade. Students also wished to see more businesses on University Ave take part in this program as well as places such as Best Buy or Staples.

Students can submit a form for restaurants or other businesses they’d like to see added to the list. OR see the current list of  businesses at:

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