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What I am going to say next will likely be an unpopular opinion: I am going to miss school.  

Rest assured—I will not miss the incessant studying or the stress over common exams. Instead, I am going to miss the other elements that made up the first year of my college experience; the great moments I have gotten to share with the friends—my family—that I am so lucky to have.  

Honestly speaking, I was terrified when I first stepped on campus in September. Would I be as successful as I was in high school? Would I adapt to the college life quickly? Who would I become? These questions followed me throughout move-in day, and into my first official day of classes.  

 I felt the pressure to ‘find myself’, and ended up following the advice of my mentors and joined some clubs here at NJIT that initially captured my interest. While some of the clubs appealed to my personal interests and others did not have much influence at all, I am incredibly proud and happy that I made the choice to write for The Vector. It was here that I became more in touch with my passion for writing; got to contribute to my community by reporting news that kept my fellow peers informed of campus events; and got to connect with some of the most humble and hard-working student journalists and photographers that I can call my family.  

 Perhaps it is cliché to say it, but from my own personal experience, I truly do believe that it is important to extricate yourself from your comfort zone. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a junior already familiar with the essence of NJIT campus culture, there is always something new to discover both about the world and yourself when you take the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new role. From there, you will learn and refine your tastes and interests, and potentially be inspired to take a project to another level. The possibilities are all there; it is up to you to break out of the box you designated for yourself. Growth in itself is worthy—it is something to aspire to.  

 Back in the fall, I wrote an editorial about why I chose to go to NJIT and to stay at my committed school. While the semesters may have changed, and the experiences may have differed from both that article and this one, my gratification for finding my own little niche has stayed consistent.  

 Maybe you are like me and have found your sense of belonging in either one big family or multiple families throughout campus. If not, however, there is always next year—next semester to branch out and continue adding to your already-enriching college experience.  


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