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Every summer we are treated to new music from some of our favorite artists, the most competitive quarter for music. Every summer we ask “Who had the best music?” and very summer it is always a tight battle for the top spot. However, these are the 5 artists that stood out the most this summer. 

AstroWorld – Travis Scott

Most likely the hottest drop of this summer, AstroWorld by Travis Scott had fans going crazy. The album was first teased back in 2016, making fans hungry for its release. After being teased nonstop for two years, the biggest concern for AstroWorld was “would it live up to the hype?” Fans were not disappointed. Every song brings a new feel and shows a high level of production from start to finish. From Stargazing, we are thrown on a roller coaster by a beat change—used heavily and with great effect throughout the album—to the star-packed Stop Trying to be God featuring Kid Cudi, James Blake, and Stevie Wonder. The interaction each had on the song from Cudi’s iconic humming to Blake’s emotional deep vocals and Wonder’s harmonica leaves you reeling. Travis was already a superstar in the music world but this projected cemented him as a household name. 


Aura – Ozuna 

Ozuna had an amazing year; he was named iHeartRadio’s Best New Latin Artist and became Youtube’s most streamed artist. He also dropped his latest album Aura, which featuring many collaborations and boasts 20 songs. What makes Aurastand out is its wide range of sound: from La Modela, which is more of a dancehall anthem, to the somber and dark feel we hear in both titular song Aura and Monotonia, and finally to the lifting and slow vibes of Comentale featuring Akon. Aura showcases Ozuna’s strengths and his growth as an artist; a must listen for everyone.


Scorpion – Drake

The latest record to come from The 6 God had some hype leading up to its release, though many doubted Drake’s latest project. Drake surprised everyone with its release, as many of the tracks are excellently produced and showcase his versatility as an artist. The album has two ‘sides’—A and B—to choose from: you can start with side B, which is filled with songs that showcase the R&B flow that has become his staple sound, or with side A which features his harder rap/hip-hop songs. All in all, Drake delivered, with many songs out the 25 on the album being high quality and lyrically impressive.


Swimming – Mac Miller

Not much more can be said on Mac Miller after the retrospective piece in the last Vector issue, but it should still be said that Swimming,Miller’s last work, is without a doubt one of the best albums to come out this summer. Swimming showcases Mac’s growth and his developing style while keeping a hint of the Mac we know and love. Whenever you have the chance, sit down, relax, and take the album for a spin—you won’t regret it.


Daytona – Pusha T

Last on this list comes Pusha T’s long-awaited Daytona.Fans have been waiting for a release from Pusha T since 2015’s Darkest Before DawnDaytona captures some of the best of Pusha, showing peaks of the old school Clipse sound associated with Pusha T by fans. Showing his veteran skills throughout the album, every song has a unique sound and feel pushed to their utmost limit by Pusha’s wordplay. While the album is short with just a simple 7 songs, 21 minutes in total, each song is polished and doesn’t disappoint the listener at all.


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