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Mourning a Friendly Face: Gian Laput

Gian Earl Laput is remembered as a gamer, a K-pop fan, a ukulele player, a lover of puns and lunchables, and a prominent member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), the co-ed national service fraternity on campus.

Laput passed away suddenly on August 26. A mere 20 years old, Laput was pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and worked for a start-up, helping to make company functions more efficient.

“He loved going on adventures, was lighthearted, and everyone who knew him said he was one of the kindest and friendliest people they’ve met,” said Anna Vallejo, a biology major and close friend of Laput’s. “This honestly just scratches the surface of what kind of person Gian was.”

“During Gian’s viewing and memorial,” she recalled, “people shared how much Gian was able to make us all laugh… When he walked into a room he was someone that approached a stranger first, made someone smile, made everyone feel comfortable and at home with them. Everyone’s fondest memories of Gian is how he made people smile.”

Laput’s father requested that when going home to their parents, all students share “more hugs, kisses, love, and time with their family.” While it is understandable that university becomes a home in its own right—especially to those living on-campus—he urged students to “not forget the home you come from, and the family that misses and cares for you always” and to “just tell the people you love, that you love them. Don’t let pride, ego, fear, or hurt prevent you from sharing more love into the world, especially with those that mean something to you.”

Laput is survived by his brothers, Sean and Bryle, his father Jules, and his mother Emily. To those who wish, Laput’s family encourages students to support any fundraiser that APO is sponsoring, and explore the organization’s volunteer efforts.

Photos courtesy of Quinn Hopping Funeral Home

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