New Vice President of Administration: Beshoy Shokralla

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New Vice President of Administration: Beshoy Shokralla

The formerly vacant Student Senate position of Vice President of Administration (VPA) has now been filled by Beshoy Shokralla. This position was previously held by current Senate President Jeremy Bedient, who took on his new role and created the VPA vacancy last month.

Shokralla is a fourth-year Law, Technology, and Culture major with prior experience in the Vector, Nucleus Yearbook, and Pre-Law Society. Though he has had minimal experience with senate—serving as a student-at-large last year—he feels that his club experience is important for his position, stating “it’s important to have people from the outside that have seen these issues firsthand and that are actually excited [to make]those changes.”

As VPA, Shokralla defines his role as “dealing with academic issues on campus” by “going out there [and] asking students what kind of issues they’re having in their departments, in their majors, in their colleges, and actually working to affect change on that.”

Shokralla, now two weeks into holding the position, has set three goals for himself: ensuringeach major representative is working on at least one departmental issue, that senators are actively pursuing the interests of their colleges and departments, and improving student advising. “I’m not promising [everything]will get done this year,” Shokralla stated, “but we’re actually getting started and working with the administration to start seeing change there.”

In a moment of reflection,Shokralla said “I’ll be the first to admit I take on a lot[of work], and I’m too prideful sometimes to gracefully, you know, give other people some of that work. And I think in the past that’s gotten me in trouble, but I’m very happy that on Senate everybody is kind of willing to help and happy to help, and I feel more comfortable delegating.”

Citing his communication skills and being “a very approachable person,” VPA Shokralla will be “working on making sure everyone is communicating properly and communicating to the correct people.”

“It’s not about me necessarily accomplishing anything,” Shokralla said, “but it’s about realizing, you know, all thesmall goals these senatorshave and helping them achieve them.”

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