Safety on Campus: NJIT Launches First Aid and Community Service Officer Program

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On October 15, NJIT will be launching a pilot program for on-campus student Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Community Service Officers (CSOs). This is a new endeavor headed by NJIT Public Safety and will also be governed as a club under Student Senate.

NJIT Public Safety teamed up with Student Senate, the Dean of Students and Campus Life, Dr. Boger, the Director of Pre-Health Programs and Pre-Health Advisor, Dr. Desai and Professor Chang Yaramothu, and Vice President for Real Estate Development and Capital Operations,Andrew Christ, alongside the University. Together, they formed the long awaited addition to NJIT’s campus: the NJIT First Aid Squad.

Prior to this venture, all medical emergencies on campus were responded to by University Hospital EMS (UHEMS), thus crucial response time was dependent on the availability of UHEMS ambulances. NJIT First Aid will be a direct affiliate of UHEMS and provide on-scene medical attention while still utilizing University Hospital for ambulance transport.

Student EMTs will be first responders in the instance of any medical emergency on campus, such as a motor vehicle accidents, cardiac trauma, or other injury. They, with the aid of campus police, will provide care such as CPR, defibrillation, bleeding control, and other protocols for patient stabilization. They will also do all primary assessments and administer certain medications based off the New Jersey EMT scope of practice.

University Hospital will still send their ambulances to NJIT, and our student EMTs will be responsible for transferring patient care to their transport team.

On the other side of the club, Campus Safety Officers are unarmed and uniformed students who will patrol campus by foot or bicycle and identify any potential safety risks in our community. CSOs will work with campus police and Public Safety Officers to maintain a safe campus, providing escort services and security support for special events.

Certified EMTs and CSOs will be trained throughout the year on various topics; both will be trained in mountain bike patrol, substance abuse issues, and cultural diversity. CSOs will be trained in first aid and CPR, along with a 40 hour academy training specific to safety in New Jersey colleges and universities. A variety of other training initiatives for EMTs and CSOs will be implemented throughout the year.

NJIT Police Chief Joseph Marswillo stated that “it is my honor as Chief of Police to welcome the newest members to the Student EMT and Community Service Officer program. On behalf of the Department of Public Safety, it is a privilege to be part of such a noteworthy achievement. The formation of the recently sanctioned student club recognizes an established need for continued development of safety initiatives for our campus community. Most importantly, our student EMTs and CSOs are provided with growth opportunity in creating a safe learning and working environment as well as honing their decision-making, communication, and leadership skills. I look forward to supporting this valued undertaking and all of our future shared successes!”

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