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NJIT Health Student EMT-CSO Update

The Student EMT and Community Service Officer program began its second semester on campus and is eager for new club members and volunteers. Having begun last semester under the auspices of NJIT Public Safety, the student EMT and CSO program works alongside public safety to respond to the safety needs of the campus community.

The organization is also a club under the Office of Student Affairs. Current Student Captain Dhwanil Kadakia encourages “any and all students interested in helping the community” to come out and volunteer for the club. Kadakia, a third-year business major, is also part of his hometown’s EMS and volunteer fire department.

The student EMT and CSO program is meant to engage student volunteers with public safety, while also making the campus a safer place. Students are trained in first aid and CPR as part of the program, which looks to add more training in the future.

Volunteers who join the program can serve in many ways. EMT students are coordinated under public safety alongside other agencies to respond to medical emergencies as necessary. CSOs patrol the campus, work to spot potential dangers, and promote a feeling of security. Students should feel free to talk to a CSO on campus and thank them for helping to keep the population safe, despite being students and peers.

Students are coming out to join the program. According to Kadakia, so far this semester over 30 students have expressed interest in the program. All student EMTs and CSOs are volunteers, and the club does not require a mandatory minimum time commitment to join. 

Those interested can reach out to Kadakia at dk423@njit.edu. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. One take-away Kadakia wants students to have is “ if you see something or feel unsafe to [sic] call 911 and help is on the way.” We are grateful for NJIT and Public Safety’s support and look forward to seeing what the future brings! 

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