Newark Playwrights at the Bradley Theatre

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Newark Playwrights at the Bradley Theatre

On Mar. 13, the Newark Playwrights Festival took place in Bradley Theater on the Rutgers – Newark campus. It featured seven plays written by students from Rutgers – Newark, NJIT, Middlesex Vo-Tech High School, Arts High School and East Side High School. The works showcased the student’s creativity and provided a glimpse into intricate minds of the playwrights.

The plays performed touched on a variety of topics ranging from a tumultuous relationship between a woman and her granddaughter, to a teenager facing constant bullying and low self-esteem. 

Other plots showcased the relationship between a Hispanic father and his expectations for son; a broken family affected by alcoholism and domestic abuse; dealing with and overcoming the passing of a loved one; a thriller at an amusement park; and finally the comedic experiences of a professional criminal. 

Under the guidance of Michelle Rittenhouse, Greg Paul, Lillian Ribeiro and Louis Wells, the playwrights and actors executed exceptional performances that engaged the audience and provided them with a wonderful experience. 

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