Career Development Center Provides Internships for NJIT Students and Alumni

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Career Development Center Provides Internships for NJIT Students and Alumni


Note from the Editor in Chief: This piece was produced by NJIT’s Office of Career Development Services to highlight the benefits of internships and the role CDS plays in helping students secure such positions. 

NJIT’s Career Development Services (CDS) provides many services to help NJIT students and alumni find internships, co-ops, part time and full-time jobs. We engage employers to post jobs, schedule information sessions, conduct on campus interviews, participate in Career Fairs, and more. Our internship program has been very successful and leads to excellent employment opportunities.

Internships provide learning experiences that are most often related to your major and overall career interests. They can be pursued during the semester or in the summer. As we head into the summer, many of our students are preparing to start exciting internship opportunities. Here are testimonials from last year’s students.

David Liptsyn– “The internship at Mercer was my first corporate work experience and allowed me to learn tremendously. Specifically, I gained technical skills (Excel, PowerPoint), and learned more about a variety of business concepts (organization structure, talent strategy, executive compensation, financial statement analysis).”  

Laura Uribe– “The internship program at Boeing allowed its interns to explore different roles within the company and partake in courses geared towards technical areas of interests. The knowledge and connections that I gained from this summer have given definition to my growth and development as an engineer as well as a young professional.” 

Jirassaya Uttarapong– “[Working at] Celgene was an amazing opportunity I was blessed with having this past summer and has impacted me greatly. Prior to Celgene, I had no corporate experience. The thought of that type of job intimidated me, as it does many people. The social aspect of my experience was life-changing and showed me why internships are so valuable. I started out nervous and shy, naturally since Celgene was my first internship, but slowly opened up and pushed myself to achieve more than I originally thought possible.” 

Nicole Cheney– “Besides learning the technical and professional skills necessary to perform work this summer at PTC Therapeutics, I gained experience in quite a few unexpected ways. I first and foremost learned the value of networking, without which I would not have even known of this opportunity. I learned about the pharmaceutical industry and how many different departments, how much time, and even how much paperwork is required to bring a drug to market.” 

Madeline Griep– “My time with The Avoca Group has been so much more than I had hoped. I have applied knowledge gained from my time at NJIT and learned real world business skills from the employees at Avoca. Working with the Business Development team, I have assisted in a market analysis project and developed a product profile based on feedback we received from potential customers. I have developed a strong understanding of the company’s CRM system and developed the contacts and accounts within.”

To search the many internship opportunities through CDS, access Handshake at

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