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Looking for new music to listen to? Sick of the same 10 songs circulating Z100? You should consider looking to Eastern Europe. A new album, “Zbiór,” was just released by the up-and-coming Polish music artist Baranovski. This is the first full album released by the former “Voice of Poland” winner, and his musical talent and range really shine through in each one of the 10 songs featured on this album. Although the album is fully in Polish, you don’t need to understand the words to be able to appreciate the diverse style and musical talent displayed in each song. 

Even though it is still pop, the songs in this album are nothing like what you’ll hear in America’s top charts. The album has a wide variety of tempos and styles, making each song in the 45-minute collection feel completely different from the one before it. 

Most of the songs on this album are hits, and I’ve personally saved almost every song in it. The first song, “Hey,” starts off slowly, with him singing about how time seems to be passing him by and his age only growing by the minute. Then the chorus bursts in, the tempo racing along with his words. He sings like he is genuinely running from death, and the beat racing like your heart would in a life or death scenario. Throughout this song, the dichotomy of a calm verse then this rush of a chorus keeps the melody very exciting and full of life. 

The next two songs in the album almost come in a matching set, and just like in “Hey” there’s a huge shift in pacing between the two. “Czułe Miejsce” is by far the most popular song in the album, being featured constantly on almost every Polish radio station, along with several other European stations. This song is from the point of view of a girl suffering from abuse, that she doesn’t want to be hit in any sensitive areas. If you don’t speak Polish though, this meaning would be hard to tell from the upbeat style of this song. 

The next song, “Kim,” is a lot more mellow and dramatic, and talks more about their relationship. The song goes through her struggle of trying to leave, echoing that “he knows you to the bone,” that he knows she’ll never find the courage to walk out on him. By the end of the song though, after she walked out in the middle of the night, he’s woken up by her crying beside him in bed.

The song that the album is named after, “Zbiór,” is my favorite song in the album. The song is light and airy, and the tempo seems to sway along with his words. This rhythm goes well with the meaning of his words: that in the end, everything works out. The song is more of a love ballad, where he will always be content as long as he’s with the person he loves. Even if you don’t understand the words though, the flow of the song is still relaxing and pleasant. 

The rest of the album is also really good, and I’d definitely recommend also checking out “Luzno,” “Dym” and “Sam.” Despite being in another language, Baranovski’s “Zbiór” is an amazing album to listen to, whether you’re looking for something fun or if you want something relaxing to listen to while studying.

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