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Meghan Trainor: Treat Yourself

Meghan Trainor’s hit single “All About That Bass” took the world by storm way back in 2014. Since then, she has built upon her signature style of blending doo wop nostalgia with modern sounds with her stellar album “Title.” With catchy lyrics and a good beat, “Title” was a great album that was a blast from start to finish. It’s a shame to see the transition from her unique fusion style to a stereotypical radio sound with her newest album, “Treat Myself.” 

Kicking off with “Wave,” Trainor ditches her old-school sound for a new electronic heavy sound, much more akin to the songs of Zedd, Alesso and Marshmello. Other songs like this in the album include “Nice To Meet Ya,” “Babygirl,” “Blink” and “Have You Now.” This is a little disappointing, as these songs on the album fail to stand out. They all follow the basic formula of electronic based songs, which start with an intro verse, and lead to a generic beat drop.  

This was a stark contrast to her old works, where there was a clear intro and chorus backed by a groovy beat. By ditching the very thing that set her apart from other artists today, Meghan Trainor sells out to the charts rather than making art.  

That being said, there’s still fun to be had within the album. There are some good songs which are built upon her new sound that still work, like “Ashes” and “Another Opinion.” While they are pop heavy, these songs are still good in their own right. 

Amid all of the usual pop songs on the radio, certain Meghan Trainor songs never fail to stand out. Songs like “Funk,” “Evil Twin” and “No Excuses”  carry a hint of her signature style, and incorporate infectious and upbeat music in the background along with fun lyrics to match.  

These are the songs that match the usual Meghan Trainor sound and for that reason, they are the best in the album. So far, “No Excuses” has been on the charts and released as a single, and for good reason too. Backed by a guitar beat and a fun vibe overall, “No Excuses” gives a good callback to her “Title” days. 

As with most pop albums, there is no consistent theme to be found here, but for fans looking for some peppy tunes to listen to, “Treat Myself” gets the job done. And for those who are interested in her music videos, which always contained an old-school color filled aesthetic, she continues her trend with the accompanying videos for this album. While it is not her finest work, it is still worth checking out for die-hard Meghan Trainor fans, and at best a casual listen for those looking for new pop songs.  

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