Why You Should Vote for the Democrats this Election Season

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Why You Should Vote for the Democrats this Election Season

For quite some time, American politics have been about the Democrats versus Republicans. Were you going to vote for the Left or the Right to lead the country? But the 2020 election holds higher stakes than the ones before it. 

President Donald Trump, ever since he took office in 2017, has turned the United States of America into a mockery both nationally and globally. With countless charges of corruption, civil rights issues and disparaging comments towards his fellow countrymen, President Trump has shown a lack of empathy towards Americans. Trump’s actions have also alienated the United States from its allies and divided its citizens against one another. Although his opponent, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, was not the candidate that some wanted, it’s clear that Donald Trump is not properly fit to be a leader of the United States of America. The presidency is not the only important election happening this November.  

Senate and House of Representatives seats are also on the ballot and it is another chance for America to correct itself. The Republicans are far from the party that claim to support low taxes, traditional values and the American Dream. The Republican party has morphed into Donald Trump’s support group, allowing him to do as he pleases. While Donald Trump was facing impeachment for soliciting foreign interference, all but one Republican, Utah Senator Mitt Romney, voted to acquit the president. Even the Republican National Convention was geared towards highlighting Donald Trump and putting down Democrats without any mention of how the Republican party can help you. The Republican party no longer cares for the people they represent and expresses loyalty only to Donald Trump.  

This election cycle is not about liberal views versus conservative views. Voting against the Republican party this election gives the United States a chance to bounce back and preserve its democracy in the Senate and House of Representatives. Donald Trump will try his best to win the election legally (or illegally), which is why it is up to all citizens eligible to vote to do so. Another 4 years of Donald Trump and his supporters could lead to further regression of the country. When voters look at their ballots this year, they will be posed with the question: Are you loyal to America or are you loyal to Donald Trump? 

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