“Intrusion” Review

Should we question the decisions our loved ones make, or should we abide by the principle that life with ignorance is bliss? A great example of this common ethical dilemma can be found in the new hit Netflix flick of 2021, “Intrusion.” It takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and its neighboring suburb of Corrales.

The small rural town of Corrales is responsible for giving the film a very interesting plot; although news travels fast within the town itself, there are a lot of secrets to be hidden in such a small setting. The director, Adam Salky, gives way to a film that truly highlights the absence of impartial discussion and decision-making in marriages. In other words, as viewers, we must understand that loved ones, whether that be a friend or family member, can be hiding big secrets from us; it takes only one small event, or in this case, a seemingly innocent break-in situation, to spiral out of control and lead to a thrilling murder.

Because this movie is a thriller, it keeps the viewer on their toes for its entirety. Salky delivers great suspense throughout the movie, with effective horror and thriller scores as well as suspenseful actions. In addition to the themes and suspense, he uses character traits to once again support the ideas of secrets and secretive behavior. For example, he does little to describe the personality of the husband, who makes the prime suspect a villain for this film. This adds to the surreptitious background behind the man who seems like he’s a hard-working architect from Boston. But the film itself goes on to show that not everyone is who they say they are.

He also shows that it is common for anyone to have a dark side — one that fails to represent their civil and mannerly nature but shows their darkest and true desires. Thrillers, like “Intrusion,” are responsible for highlighting key characteristics in humans, whether that be a loved one hiding secrets, revealing their identity or unleashing their true potential. “Intrusion” is a great watch for those who enjoy a casual but insightful thriller, and its use of cinematography, great thematic concepts and dramatic plot, makes it a solid 4.5 out of five.

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