“Sounds Like Love Review”

“Sounds Like Love Review”

Themes of running away from fear and searching for love is what makes Netflix’s next greatest flick “Sounds Like Love” a key watch for this fall. The movie stars three women in the beautiful city of Madrid who all bond over the issues that plague their daily lives.  

The main character, Maca, is still struggling with her past love Leo who left their relationship quite suddenly after five years of dating. Her friend Adrianna struggles with her sexuality and position as a wife following a threesome. Lastly, Jimena struggles with the loss of the love of her life, Santi.  

Ultimately, the entry to the film effectively highlights each women’s emotional struggles, through the sequencing of history. In other words, the film goes into detail about the reality of the women’s struggles through Maca’s past, Adrianna’s present and Jimena’s future.  

The director, Juana Macias Alba, gives the plot a great flow and past, present and future emotional insight through this brilliant use of chronology. Additionally, the characters had very compelling characteristics and character development plots. For instance, Maca lives a double life of being a hardworking career-driven professional and an emotionally unstable average person and struggles emotionally to balance it. Adrianna, in the present, struggles to live her own double life with her affair with a woman, along with deciding to start a family with Julian in her near future. Finally, Jimena struggles with her future longing for her love, deeply labeling her as one who works hard for what she desires but is unable to move forward in her environment.  

“Sounds Like Love” delivers three women with compelling love lives and issues. The focus lies upon the life of Maca, who has begun to realize that a good friend is now dating Leo, who had been gone for quite some time. This sparks the small flame that was left by his absence those 5 years ago, leading her to develop feelings again, but in a futile one-sided attempt of love. Love is sometimes one-sided, or too good to be true, it can be complicated and indescribable, or it could be gone and longed for, but that’s okay.  

I believe that the film highlights that love is just another part of life, bound to everyone’s day to day, affecting them emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes, we just need to make the right decisions to better ourselves first, whether that be Maca’s decision to find new job prospects in Paris or Adrianna’s revealing her true feelings or the end of Jimena’s search for Santi. The film, as a whole, provides the audience with good insight into the complexity and real-life instances of love and attraction and is a great film to truly learn about what it means to be in love. 

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