Club Spotlight: NJIT Esports

Club Spotlight: NJIT Esports

NJIT Esports is the premier club for any and all gamers on campus. It is the organizational force behind NJIT’s gaming scene, bringing together brand-new videogame fans as well as hardcore gamers across a wide range of different gaming titles. NJIT Esports boasts a very active club population and offers a great time to any individual looking to play games and make friends. 

The club is structured in a way that video games with higher levels of interest and dedicated player bases receive support from NJIT Esports to help players form teams and have fun with their contemporary players. These teams compete against each other through similar Esports associations at different schools and different levels across various regions as well as the country. These tournaments are often streamed on the video streaming platform Twitch and allow students to showcase the skills of players from different collegiate programs, with the goal of winning prizes and glory. Different competitive teams at NJIT Esports have found varying degrees of success amongst games such as Overwatch, Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege teams. 

There is also a place for more casual gamers at NJIT Esports. It hosts a variety of recurring events centered on more than 14 different games, each of which have little to no skill barriers to participate. These events include game nights every other week, local area network — LAN — events and Super Smash Bros tournaments. The game nights occur on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in Room 116 of Central King Building. Each game night has a different theme, pertaining to different games, but there is always something for gamers wishing to have fun.  

Super Smash Bros is an especially popular game at NJIT Esports, given the game’s wide popularity and portability. Super Smash Bros games often pop up during the biweekly game nights — even if the nights themselves are not Smash-themed — and there is a weekly Super Smash Bros tournament every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in GITC 3700. Anyone is welcome to go and show off their skills! 

On top of that, NJIT Esports provides a community for gamers at NJIT to enjoy themselves in an open and accepting place. For anyone looking to find a group of friends to play their favorite games with, talk about old or new single-player games with narratives or gameplay that stuck with them or just have a genuinely fun and relaxing time, NJIT Esports is the place to be! Join its Discord at this link: 

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