How to Get Your Flu Shot This Year

NJIT offers its students a vaccination center for the flu vaccine annually. This year, the vaccines are being administered in the Campus Pharmacy; it is located on Central Avenue, across from the Mechanical Engineering Center and Van Houten Library. Prior to the vaccination, students should complete an intake form which can be found in an email from the Director of Campus Health Services, Deneen Scuderi. As of the publication of this article, the shot is available to students.  

The Campus Pharmacy has aided NJIT during the pandemic by providing COVID-19 vaccinations, offering PCR tests and now providing flu vaccinations. St. Michael’s Medical Center was previously the location for flu vaccinations in years prior and students can also get the flu vaccination at St. Michael’s.  

Apart from the flu shot, St. Michael’s and the Campus Pharmacy both provide COVID-19 vaccines. Every Thursday from 7:30–11:30 a.m., St. Michael’s holds a COVID-19 clinic, where students can walk in with no appointment necessary. Walk-ins are also accepted at the Campus Pharmacy for COVID-19 vaccines.  

If a student has a question or needs assistance pertaining to vaccinations, COVID-19, flu or any other, feel free to email or  

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