NJIT Celebrates National Transfer Student Week

From Monday, Oct. 18 to Friday, Oct. 22, NJIT celebrated National Transfer Student Week. More than 1,000 transfer students are welcomed to our university every fall and spring semester, often hailing from other schools in New Jersey. NJIT’s close-knit community, emphasis on STEM subjects and appealing scholarships make it a top choice for transfer students throughout the state. Throughout the week, numerous events were held in the effort to integrate transfer students with the rest of the campus community and introduce them to the opportunities and various departments that they can take advantage of at NJIT.  

The week kicked off with a National Transfer Student Week grand opening in the Campus Center Atrium, open to all transfer students. Part of the festivities included an NJIT bingo comprised of squares with NJIT trivia and information that would be helpful for new students. There were also giveaways with Post-it Notes, pencils and most importantly, stress balls — everything that transfer students would need to succeed in college. Tuesday featured a visit with the Office of the Dean of Students, which upholds the rights of all students. Transfer students were introduced to Deans Boger and Dowd, who handle students’ concerns and complaints — of which there are hopefully few — at NJIT. The students also played trivia; if they answered questions correctly, they won free goodies from the Office of the Dean of Students.  

Mental Health Awareness workshops were front and center for the majority of the week. There were games about awareness of where to find the various services that the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services offers, and several students held discussions about the numerous issues that they face in their student lives, such as anxiety, stress and feelings of hopelessness. A highlight for transfer students was that the panelists did not shy away from the fact that school will not be perfect and that there are times when you will not be at your best; however, the best thing about NJIT is that there is always a support system with students, staff, faculty and even the unofficial NJIT subreddit, r/NJTech, to help people through whatever they’re facing, be it stress with classes, confusion about the future or even general advice about good places to eat.  

The last two days focused on future plans for transfer students, including community service, job opportunities, the transfer student honor society and the closing of transfer week. NJIT students are involved with almost 270 nonprofit organizations and community service is a big part of NJIT’s role in Newark. Additionally, the meeting emphasized the benefits that community service can have for students; not only is it a standout line on one’s resume, but it is also an incredible method of personal development and helps students grow as leaders while building connections. Students were also introduced to Career Development Services, where NJIT students can go to find jobs and internships, so that transfer students could hit the ground running. Additionally, Tau Sigma National Transfer Honor Society had an information session to give transfer students information on joining the NJIT chapter. National Transfer Student Week concluded on Friday, calling for all students to welcome the newest members of the NJIT community.  

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