Club Spotlight: Art Club

Club Spotlight: Art Club

The NJIT Art Club is a welcoming community for all students looking to express their artistic talents in an open and accepting environment. It is dedicated to giving NJIT community members access to the materials and resources required to produce different art projects. Additionally, it provides a medium for club members to showcase and present their hard work.  

The Art Club Eboard is very resourceful, helpful and kind. They are committed to ensuring that the club is a welcoming environment for artists of every skill level. As there are often students interested in joining the club but intimidated by their inexperience in comparison to the skill levels of other members, the club’s open atmosphere is one of its most important values.  There are no judgement, disparagement or barriers at the NJIT Art Club. Anyone who loves art is allowed to join and participate, and the club is more about celebrating the community than anything else. New art mediums and ideas are always encouraged!  

The Art Club’s main activities include their workshops. These center around unique art mediums and styles, with the goal of educating NJIT students about these techniques and improving their skills. Some successful workshops that happened during the fall semester centered around creating stickers and making holiday cards for hospitalized children.  

They also spend time doing community service around Newark by painting murals and doing art projects, which helps beautify Newark and improve the city surrounding NJIT. Volunteers are always welcome – you can even get service hours for it if needed! 

Larger events include the annual fall art gallery, in which club members get to show off their artwork on campus to the entire NJIT community as well as a trip to the Newark Museum of Art in the spring. Both events are tons of fun and allow for bonding within the club, as well as a break from the day-to-day routine of going to a technical school. 

As a reminder, the club gives art supplies to anyone present at the meetings and events, and the club members will do what they can to help you achieve your artistic goals. NJIT Art Club meetings are in CTR 225 on Fridays. Come check it out! You can also join their discord here:

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