Thanksgiving Food Hot Takes

Thanksgiving Food Hot Takes

Turkey is underrated. How could I describe it except for “glorified chicken”? Now, if you disagree with me, then you’re wrong and I don’t blame you. It may very well be that you just haven’t tasted a well-seasoned turkey. This is no small feat, as there is so much preparation and experience that goes into a well-cooked turkey that not many can achieve. Now, I wouldn’t go ahead and include this in my regular meals throughout the year. It deserves its special place on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Turkey complements the other side dishes so well and I certainly wouldn’t trade it for chicken.  

Cranberry sauce is underrated. This sauce is savory, sweet and can elevate an unseasoned turkey. Unpopular opinion — stuffing is overrated. I believe there is no need for stuffing if you have a turkey (well-seasoned, of course) and some properly prepared side dishes. I don’t find myself reaching for the stuffing and it may be a matter of preference or the fact that I haven’t had stuffing that has rocked my core yet. As for gravy, it is overrated because a good sweet potato dish can replace the traditional combo of mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Now, for the side dishes, mashed potatoes are overrated. This starchy root vegetable can be served any time of the year: during Christmas or in a nice potato salad on a warm summer day. But its delightful cousin, the sweet potato, is severely underrated. It is the perfect fall comfort food that deserves its spot on the dinner table every year. If I had to eat it for another occasion, I would only do so in the fall season. This is such an autumnal food that is, sadly, often overshadowed by pumpkin and white potatoes. 

More on the side dishes: A good green vegetable dish, whether it be some brussel sprouts or a green bean casserole, is underrated. It offers a balance to the overly sweet and savory dishes that dominate the dinner table. Not to mention, it helps everyone achieve a balanced meal, even if it only makes up less than an eighth of the plate. 

Now, let’s face it: There is always room for dessert, especially on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Apple pie and pumpkin pie are necessities in the repertoire that need no further explanation. Some other ones that can be paired nicely with a Thanksgiving dinner include butternut squash pie and pecan pie. These plates offer the finishing touch of a successful Thanksgiving dinner. 

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