Club Spotlight: Anime Club

Club Spotlight: Anime Club

NJIT has its own Anime Club for those who love watching, discussing and doing all things related to anime. It usually meets during Wednesday’s common hour on its Discord server or in Kupfrian Hall’s Room 117.  

Aside from watching anime, the club also looks into manga, anime music, Gunpla and Japanese culture that is depicted. One of its interesting events includes a quiz game show — a way to engage members through a friendly competition. Some other events are movie nights and music concerts; there’s an event tailored to each person’s interests!  

The movie nights happen on the last Thursday of each month after classes end for the day. The members get together with some pizza and enjoy a movie together. People who have attended the event love being able to talk about the movie immediately after it plays.  

Second year computer science major Naim El Youssoufi mentioned that he played Jackbox Games with the club and found it extremely fun. He appreciates the people part of the club the most; “the Eboard and members are chill,” he said. “Watching anime isn’t really my thing — I like to watch, but I can do that without joining a club. My favorite meetings are when we don’t actually watch, and we just sit around talking.” 

Julio Reyes, second year computer science major, joined the club last November. “Most of my friends weren’t big fans of anime, and I figured joining the club would allow me to make some new ones, especially those who are into anime like me.” 

Like El Youssoufi, Reyes mentioned that “the Eboard members are all friendly and welcoming, which made the club even more enjoyable.”  

He recalled a time that will stay in his memory: the very last event the club hosted last semester. “We had rented out a big room, and we had a student play openings on the piano,” he described. “On top of that, we were provided with sandwiches, which were delicious. Getting to meet new people there was also a blast.” 

Adam Pederson is a senior computer science student, and he admires being able to share anime recommendations to each other on the club’s Discord server. Additionally, he mentioned his favorite part is “it doesn’t have that much of a commitment; if my school work picks up, I can focus on that if need be and vice versa.” 

Anime Club is always welcoming new members to join in on the fun – feel free to join its Discord at! 

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