Club Spotlight: Student Activities Council

Club Spotlight: Student Activities Council

Attending college is oftentimes a stressful experience, especially given the unique challenges presented by attending a technological institution and living in the modern day. Between COVID-19 restrictions and closures, exams for classes, job applications and more, students at NJIT need moments to relax and find peace and fun in their hectic lives. The Student Activities Council does a wonderful job of providing students with opportunities to do just that. 

The club is one of the most active university student organizations at NJIT, boasting a large population of members. Its main goal is to provide engaging campus-wide events and experiences to the student body as a whole. Events range in content from chill and relaxing to bombastic and fun. For example, its next planned event is an upcoming “DIY Day” on Feb. 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Atrium. This event will feature a Stuff-A-Bear shop, T-Shirt shop and many other fun craft-based activities! Each semester, the organization plans a wide array of events for students with all kinds of backgrounds and interests in mind. Look out for events happening later this semester, such as an Easter Egg Hunt and Carnival in April! 

The club is very open and welcoming to new members, with meetings often revolving around coming up with ideas for new activities and planning out events. The organization’s office is a low-stress environment and a great place to make new friends. Members of the club enjoy supporting the lives of students outside of the classroom by bringing fun to the campus, as well as allowing people to have a medium in which they can meet and make friends.  The club does a fantastic job of living up to its motto, “Less Stress, More Fun!”  

Some quotes from happy SAC members: 

“SAC is a really chill place and everyone is really cool to hang out with!” 

“SAC is amazing. I love Dustin La!” 

“I originally joined SAC because I knew a few people in it; I ended up really enjoying my time there. The events are really fun and make the NJIT community feel tight knit. The people make me feel welcome and are really accepting and kind. I really feel like I can be myself in SAC!” 

Student Activities Council meetings occur every week on Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. in its office, located in Room 476 of the NJIT Campus Center. To keep updated with its events, you can stop by the office or follow its social media accounts listed below. 

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