Highlander Integrity Council 

Highlander Integrity Council 

The author is a member of the organization. 

It is vital for a campus to maintain an academic environment in which students behave professionally by respecting their peers and not committing violence or any prohibited activity which may jeopardize their careers. 

NJIT’s aim is to create a community for its students where individual rights and mutual respect are both recognized and valued. To ensure that such an environment is maintained, NJIT has highlighted expectations for its students, particularly to adhere to high standards of moral, ethical, and professional behavior. The Code of Student Conduct outlines prohibited behavior, procedures for adjusting offenses committed by students, and the sanctions that can be imposed for the violations.  

The Highlander Integrity Council is a group of students that ensures that ethical codes at NJIT are maintained. Members of the council assist the Office of the Dean of Students with spreading awareness about the Student Code of Conduct.  

They also serve as students’ representatives when hearing cases of alleged violations of the Academic Integrity Policy and the Code of Student Conduct. Their responsibilities include reviewing the documents associated with the case and making determinations of responsibility. 

Anyone can report an incident if they suspect that someone has violated the Academic Integrity Policy. Once the report is received, the Office of the Dean of Students will schedule a meeting with the student in question and will discuss the allegation. The student will then receive the chance to either accept their fault or choose a review of the incident from the supervisory council, which consists of faculty members and students from the council.  

If the student decides to take it to the council, they will be granted full confidentiality, a chance to respond to the reports of alleged violations, the opportunity to review information and documentation related to their conduct file, and the chance to prove their innocence during the conduct process.  

Highlander Integrity Week began on Oct. 26 and will continue until Nov. 11. The council invites students to participate in making the NJIT campus more secure and professional. The first event on Oct. 26 included games and free giveaways, while the next event,  on Oct. 27, included the council playing Plinko. On Nov. 4 and 11, a panel will be talking about the rights and responsibilities of community members.  

Follow the Highlander Integrity Council @njit.hic, their official Instagram page, or contact the Dean of Students at dos@njit.edu to learn more! 

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