Maple Hall Spring 2023 Updates

Maple Hall Spring 2023 Updates

Photo by Yukthi Sangoi

The end of the Spring 2023 semester also marks the end of the first year that NJIT’s newest residence building, Maple Hall, has been in use. The virtually generated glimpse of the hall before it finished construction in Fall 2022 featured a public-school archway, market, club room, makerspace, fourth-floor terrace, and outdoor kitchen. While some parts adhered to the plans, there have been changes made as renovations and additions continued to take place in the building.

The terrace, which stands on the second floor, was closed until halfway through the Spring 2023 semester due to supply chain issues. The area is now fully equipped with two fire pits and an outdoor kitchen, but the materials for those parts had significant delays.

“The [terrace] opening was delayed because the missing items posed potential safety concerns with unattended use,” said Andrew Christ, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development and Capital Operations. “Once those items were completed and the residence life policies and procedures were put in place for use, the terrace was opened.”

Each suite in the apartment-style dormitory currently needs a key to open the door. The projected keyless entry’s electronic parts have also been delayed due to supply chain issues, but Christ expects them to be installed after Spring 2023 ends. These will operate using students’ NJIT ID card as opposed to a key fob.

“This will allow us to have both the NJIT and RISE card access programmed onto one card,” he stated. NJIT partnered with RISE, a real estate company, to construct this building. The university and company are also still working together to find a tenant to sign a lease for the retail space on the first floor along Warren Street. They have some who have expressed interest, but the space is still being marketed.

“We appreciate the patience and hope the residents have enjoyed the first year in Maple Hall,” Christ mentioned. “We look forward to it continuing to provide a great residential experience for our students.”

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