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Digital Tagline: Connected Always

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We are always connected 24/7, anywhere in this world. Our generation is connected to each other. Years of information, hours of entertainment, and each access to the digital world leaves a footprint that will never disappear. The inclusion and reliance of social media and instant gratification has created a fast-paced culture with access to the largest surplus of data thus far in human history.

We are able to follow the trends of countries and learn a new language on a bus ride. However, there is a disclaimer in the small recesses of the interconnected web that we need to acknowledge: “Technology is an expensive and destructive addiction.” When used appropriately, it can be a hub that enhances our outreach in imagination and information.

Regardless of the reasons we traverse the internet or use technology, our lives are now intertwined with these new platforms. To be effective in the work force, we need to use new advancements and manage the ever reducing line between the professional and personal. Of course, the advantages of communicating with your loved ones half way across the world and medical advances that have saved lives outweigh the disadvantages presented.

We are living in the age that is the median point of what will be one day. We will one day be connected in a way that flows seamlessly as our day progresses. Our gaming experiences may be the norm in social interaction. Even online classes may take place in a digitized classroom. And though work may flow past the 5PM clock out time and personal interaction may be less in person, technology and the world is shifting itself to revolve new generational values of family before work and flexibility before outlined. Regardless, technology is keeping us connected and will continue to define the way ahead of us, every step and second of the way.

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