How Did The Weather Affect You This Week?

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How Did The Weather Affect You This Week?

1. Kirtan Shah. Computer Science. PhD.

“This snow storm affected me both as a student and the president of gsa. From the administrative pint of view GSA had to cancel to the general assembly meetings due to the snow storms and also this is difficult because we can’t reschedule to make up for our general assembly meetings.”

2. Garima. Architecture. Graduate student.

“On the first day, even though it snowed we got an email from our professor saying we had to submit our work within the first hour of class. Second day when school was closed on the Wednesday my office gave me work a day before and I had to work from home.”

3. Tejas A garwal. Business and Information Systemm. Graduate student.

“The storm is like a two way hit to me because first on Monday I had to come to work on campus, second these holidays would be affecting our speing break because there is a possiblilty that our exams will be postponed.”

4. Chaitanya Pathak. Civil Engineering. PhD.

“I think I believe is two days in week was very disastrous from study and work point of views, and I wish it did not happen.”

5. Thea Zunick. Office of Greek Life.

“It affected me job wise because we had to reschedule a lot of fraternity and sorority events as its the recruiting season. I loved the chance to stay home and catch up on some life things.”

6. Edwin Melenciano. Healthcare Systems Management. Alumni.

“I had difficulties getting to work on Tuesday. The conditions outside made it difficult for me to arrive at work on time.”

7. Hemal Patel. Engineering Management. Senior.

“I could not get out of my house. Getting to class was a hassle, but the cancellation of classes made it easier because I had online classes.”

8. Rashall Khan. Business. Junior.

“Personally speaking the weather did affect my commute to school because my car got stuck in a mound of snow.”

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