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Minicon Overview

Video games were one of the definitive parts of Minicon, providing entertainment that some wished could go to dawn.

Facing the power of individuals so great, stood those who were just about to go irate.

Student developers enchanted gamers with the need for more room. Cosplayers decked the Ballroom with their elaborate costumes.

Disqualifications were chanted in the air. People dashed about in rolling chairs without a care. Geek Wars at Minicon was nowhere close to feeling bare. If it did, I would feel lost with despair.

Being the first ever Minicon at NJIT, the NJIT Game Club and their fearless former president, Ayodeji Asagba, knew that to hype up Minicon, there had to be games. The room was always packed, from opening to closing without a loss in step. Gamers, be it cosplayers, fellow students, teachers, alumni, or anyone, made sure that they were ready to win. The Street Fighter matches were intense, dropped combos were assuredly followed up with destructive Ultras, X-factors were used as last resorts leading to comeback wins in Marvel vs. Capcom, I could not stop hearing combo breakers from Killer Instinct, and the League of Legends final put me at the edge of my seat.

The energy in the room was astounding. Everyone was nothing but a friend. There were some pros in the crowd, but that never stopped people of all skill levels from competing. Prizes aside, people just couldn’t help but talk video games. Not only talk about video games, but talk to each other. That’s something I always liked about Geek Wars. The e-board is always kind, tournaments are fair, and the conversation was astounding.

If Minicon Geek Wars did not happen this year, then these meet-ups would never have happened. This weekend would have been dull. So, thanks to everyone involved with Geek Wars as, without it, the event really wouldn’t have been as fun.

Photo courtesy of Alan Joseph

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