The ARTicle

The ARTicle

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For this week’s ARTicle, we’re interviewing our FIRST Featured Artist of the Week, our multi-talented Student Art Society guest artist!

ArtBoss: So what’s your name?

Artist: Victor Kwong.

ArtBoss: Victor, even though I know who you are, let me introduce you to our NJIT readers. Victor is our permanent guest artist from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). SAS is happy to have your artistic presence with us. Thank you for helping keep art alive at NJIT! So, let’s continue this interview. What major did you choose; what year are you in?

Victor: My major is Computer Animation & Interactive Media. In my program, I’m considered a Senior. But, I’ve transferred so many times, so I guess I can be considered a Super Senior.

ArtBoss: What’s your favorite color?

Victor: I can’t really say I have a “favorite” color. I’m color blind so every color is in a lack of a better word, “special” to me. Every color has potential depending on how it is used, but if I have to choose a color I use more than others, then it will be the color Teal.

ArtBoss: And, what’s your favorite animal?

Victor: A Corgi, because they are adorable.

ArtBoss: I love Corgis, too. I almost adopted one! Anyway, what are your other hobbies besides doing art?

Victor: Sadly, the only hobby I can think of is playing video games.

ArtBoss: Videogames are a good de-stresser. Back to art, what’s your biggest art inspiration?

Victor: A series of different artists. I draw my art inspiration from dreams & games. I have very vivid, lucid dreams all the time. Most of my creativity comes from the “things” I encounter in my dreams which I also mix in with several concepts from games that I like.

ArtBoss: On that note, what’s your favorite art medium?

Victor: Digital art, because it’s cheaper. Buying & renewing your art supplies can become very costly. Other than the digital medium, my second favorite will be a ballpoint pen.

ArtBoss: Favorite subject for your art?

Victor: Fantasy & Sci-fi. It’s a tie between these.

ArtBoss: And, what’s your favorite art piece?

Victor: Garden of Word – The entire movie is just a beautiful moving piece of art.

ArtBoss: That’s a first – this is the first time that our Featured Artist mentioned a movie as their favorite art…you’re right, this qualifies! Now, who are your favorite artists?

Victor: Shaun Healey, Jenny Saville, Gilang Andrian.

ArtBoss: I’ll have to look up those artists! Or you can show us some of their work when you visit our campus again. Moving along, our SAS members have a favorite day of Friday. What’s yours and why?

Victor: Saturday – I can sleep in & draw all I want.

ArtBoss: That makes sense! When you’re drawing on Saturdays, what’s your favorite snack?

Victor: Hot green tea. I don’t really have a favorite snack, but I like drawing & relaxing with a cup of green tea while listening to music.

ArtBoss: There’s just something relaxing about listening to music & doing art. On another note, what’s the best thing about being part of SAS? Also, how did you feel about being chosen as our Featured Artist?

Victor: I get to meet different people & I get to draw. I was surprised to be chosen as the Featured Artist of the Week! Actually, I think this is the first time I’ve been interviewed by anyone…

ArtBoss: It’s a privilege to be the first one to interview you, Victor! Also, on behalf of the Student Art Society, we appreciate you for being our Featured Artist of the Week. Thank you for exhibiting your unique art pieces with us. We look forward to seeing you and more of your work at our SAS events!

Victor: Thanks! I’ll look forward to them and hopefully be able to participate.

ArtBoss: You’re welcome! Readers, keep an eye out for another Featured Artist of the Week in next week’s ARTicle!

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