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Matthew Maravilla

This being the last “SAC Happenings” of the semester, SAC really made things crazy this last week. Wednesday was the long awaited SAC Tie-Dye which a lot of people attended because of the awesome weather. Thursday was the Light-It-Up in the Pub, which was insane, if you were there.

Tie-Dye was a big hit with students last Wednesday. SAC provided the shirts, students came in with ideas for crazy colors. Some students even used plaid button-down, while others colorized their pants. It got so hectic, the event ran out of tie-dye! It was definitely a popular event with free clothes and swag that provided some art pieces people can wear around campus.

Now, last Thursday was one crazy night. The event included Pac-Man Battle Royale, basket-pong, a giant foosball table for two teams of ten, a light-up table tennis table, and actual use of the DDR Supernova2 machine. Seriously, I’ve never had as much fun at any SAC event until Thursday night. I’ve also never sweat as much as I did until last Thursday.

First off, I have to give props to Robert “Bob” Moran for cranking up the volume of the DDR machine. I’ve always wanted to play that specific machine, and when I did (which works a lot better with a bunch of people joining in), it became sort of an addiction. If you want to know the specifics, I downloaded StepMania along with all the songs from DDR Supernova 1 and 2 just because I wanted to get some practice in before Bob cranks up that volume again.

Second, playing table tennis in the dark is supposed to be impossible and Foosball is supposed to be, normally, played by two people. SAC managed to get people to create a foosball table meant for a good twenty people and a ping-pong table to light up like a house on a mid-December night. By the way, there was also a crazy game of Pac-Man going on to the beat of some sweet house music.

This week, there is going to be a change-up in the events. Board game night, sadly, was cancelled but that doesn’t mean the Spring Carnival was! If you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a giant carnival on the Green on Wednesday from 2 to 6 pm. There’s going to be free food, games, bouncy castles, and more. Seriously, you can’t miss the Spring Carnival, it’s on the Green!

The day after SAC’s Carnival is laser tag. It’ll be from 8pm-11 inside the ballroom. Come prepared for laser battle!

Next Wednesday is the Sac Bi-annual Stuff-A-Bear! There are going to be a lot of different kinds of animals for the oh-so-small price of $2 for the first bear and $10 for any extra ones. Like any good fund-raiser, the funds go to a local food and homeless shelter so, be sure to head over to the Pub on Wednesday to make your own ram!

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