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Another year is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be happier. Before you jump on me, thinking that I just want to get away from NJIT and Newark… well, actually I guess that is part of the reason. But the biggest thing is that I can’t wait to get away from the daily stresses of school work. I do a pretty good job of keeping my grades up, but I have to work my ass off to do that, and I need a break. This year in particular has been extra difficult for me. Mental health issues only ended up making classwork and having a social life much more difficult.

This summer should be very exciting. I’ve accepted an internship with McCann Torre Lazur, a pharmaceutical advertising agency, working with their Digital Group. I’m looking forward to the weekends spent by the pool or on the beach, and hopefully with friends. Summer always has been my favorite season, thanks to the weather, and I think it always will be.

Next semester will bring a lot of changes for me. I will no longer be involved in The Vector as the Web and Multimedia Editor. As of right now, I’m not so sure I’ll be writing horoscopes either, so I apologize to anyone who is going to miss my death predictions- err, horoscopes. Right now, I’m running for 2013-2104 Risk Management and Academics Chair of the InterFraternity and Sorority Council. I am also continuing to serve as the Vice President of Theta Chi Fraternity, so needless to say, I will still be busy next year!

I have been thinking a lot about NJIT’s student body lately. One of the questions that has been running through my head is “What is wrong with NJIT’s students?” and the second question is “What can we do to change that?” Well, I’m not entirely sure what is wrong with the students. I really haven’t figured out why so many students are so apathetic towards others. I don’t understand how so many students come into Newark, struggle to find parking for an hour, go to class, and then drive home almost every day. These students are barely involved in student life, if they are at all. Why does the Princeton Review continue to rank NJIT as one of the most depressing, least happy schools? I’m going to guess it’s because the Princeton Review only ever talks to these students that aren’t involved. Now, for the more important of the two questions. One of the great things about all of that construction off of Warren Street will be the increased number of beds on campus. This by itself will probably help as I have noticed most residents are much happier and find the stress of school easier to deal with as opposed to commuters.

Anyway, enough about how depressed you are, this is my editorial, right? Time to talk about my feelings! When I came to NJIT, I never complained about the male to female ratio. I went to an all guy’s high school, so any girls were better than no girls, right? This year, NJIT had a total of 7111 undergraduates. Of that, 5424 were male, the other 1687 were female. For those of you that don’t want to do the math, that means 75% of all the undergraduates are males, or a male to female ratio of 3:1. When I started at NJIT, I didn’t think R.I.B.S. was actually a thing. For those of you that don’t know what R.I.B.S. is, the first two letters stand for Ratio Induced, and the last one stands for Syndrome. I’m sure you can figure out the B. As I’ve spent more and more time here, I’ve changed my mind. While there are some genuinely nice girls here at NJIT, there are also quite a few more who give the nice ones a bad name. I really don’t mean to stereotype or attack girls here, which is why I’m not going to call out any one group, or stereotype by certain behaviors.

As much as this year has had its ups and its downs, I have to say that this school year has been fun. I’ve strengthened a lot of relationships, and made some new ones too. I didn’t get food poisoning from the dining hall at all this year. I didn’t get mugged walking through Newark (knock on wood). I did pretty good with my grades too. All in all, I’m pretty happy with this past year. Sure, the weather sucked and all, but I would prefer to always have my feet in the sand of the beach. I hope everyone that is somehow still reading this feels even better about this last year than I did. As I won’t be writing for The Vector on a regular basis in the future, follow me on Twitter @ljstella or find me on Facebook to keep up with my daily thoughts.

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