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Irene Moussa

It’s that time of the year! That’s right, it’s time for recruitment! All the NJIT fraternities and sororities are holding their own events to get to know those who are interested in becoming a part of one of the greatest organizations on campus. One organization that has held plenty of events this past week is Alpha Sigma Phi.

Alpha Sigma Phi is the 10th oldest collegiate fraternity in America. Their vision is to better the world through better men. They’re built on the strong values of silence, charity, purity, honor and patriotism, which make them unique. This week, Alpha Sig brothers have been welcoming men at NJIT to potentially share these values and be a part of their brotherhood. They’ve set up a variety of events this semester. This week alone, they’ve had “Game Night”, “Sigs and Sinatra” and “Alpha Sigma Phry”. Adam Westenberger, the recruitment chair of this chapter, believed that it would be a good idea to have many diverse events to attract a diverse range of men on campus.

Last Friday they co-hosted a game of Messy Twister with Delta Phi Epsilon on the Warren Street Village Green, for students who are only on campus in the morning.

On Tuesday, September 16th, Alpha Sig attracted gamers by hosting a game night in the Campus Center. Brothers brought in their personal TVs and various video games for the event. Flyers and Facebook announcements were used to publicize the event, and there was a great turnout.

The next day, they held a get-together that they called “Sigs and Sinatra,” which is held every semester. The brothers invite potential new members to get together to play poker and listen to Frank Sinatra classics. It was special this semester because it was the first time they got to do it in their new house!

On Thursday night, David Cranstoun, along with other members of the chapter, prepared an “Alpha Sigma Phry” event and as the title so cleverly suggests, they brought a numerous amount of treats to fry. They even tried to fry Kool-Aid! Who doesn’t love fried food? All those who appreciate delicious treats stopped by the kitchen in the new Albert Dorman Honors College building to hang out and enjoy refreshments with the brothers.

If you haven’t gotten to already, don’t miss any more opportunities to meet the Alpha Sig brothers in any future events!

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