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Matthew Maravilla

SAC ran a laser party last Friday in the Pub. From 9pm until 1am on Saturday, students were dancing the night away to a medley of tunes from 90s classics to early 2000 hit singles. The floor was open to all and there were a good number of students going nuts on the dance floor. Alongside the bevvy of students dancing the night away were those treating themselves to the excellent mocktails served at the event. Free food was provided as well to quell the usual hungry students who show up at SAC events.

It was a fun night for all. Students liked the mocktails. The food was gone within 30 minutes of it being served. The dance floor was filled with at least 30 people at any given moment. Kevin Kelly, SAC President, was the first to show off his killer moves on the dance floor and only a few minutes later, a good crowd ensued.

The event was a good little party to celebrate completion of the first common. Yes, there was the ice cream social and the usual Thursday night parties, but a Friday night laser party truly represented the end of a grueling week, and that everyone survived the first common and is ready to face the next exam. To everyone who took the math common last Wednesday, hold your head high and keep you chin up! You got through the first hurdle of the year. The laser party just serves as a reminder to you, the students, that you worked hard and it’s time to celebrate.

Future Events

There are two notable SAC events this coming week. Tomorrow, in the Pub, there will be an UNO tournament from 6pm to 9pm. Secondly, there is a Rock Wall and Obstacle Course coming to NJIT next Tuesday and will be out on the Green from 11:30 to 3:30.

You can’t miss these events alongside today’s Movie Night at 9pm on the Green!

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