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It’s the little things that count

1) Don’t chose between coffee or tea
Research in Japan has found that coffee and green tea together not only give you an energy-boost, but
help reduce risk of strokes and Type 2 diabetes. One cup of coffee and two cups of green tea a day keeps
the doctor away. Editor’s note: make sure you don’t overload that coffee with copious amounts of cream
or sugar.

2) Don’t take a break after leg-day
Soreness after strenuous work-outs is a result of muscle tear. Eric McGill of the National Academy of
Sports Medicine recommends light exercises such as a 20 minute walk, a few laps in the pool, or balance
and core focused workouts (i.e. side planks) to help increase blood flow to damaged muscles, helping
them move easier and reducing soreness.

3) Volunteer your heart
Top scientists at the University of British Columbia claim a correlation between volunteering and
increased heart health in adolescents. NJIT provides various volunteering opportunities. Spend a few
hours improving your health while improving the Newark community.

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